Downsizing While Still Full of Zest

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and seen the reflection of someone much younger than your physical age looking back at you, you’re not alone. Researchers have found that Baby Boomers such as yourself are thinking much ‘younger’ than previous generations of aging adults, and in the process redefining what aging looks like with active lifestyles and adventurous experiences. 

Thinking younger and staying active can mean anything from mountain biking to practicing weekly yoga. Regardless of your favourite activity, a big benefit of this mental shift away from the sedentary ‘senior’ lifestyle is that you may live longer. Studies have found thinking younger actually leads to better health and lower risks of serious illnesses.[1]

While this might inspire you to plan a trip to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, living longer also requires planning differently for the financial, spiritual, physical and mental needs you’ll have as you enjoy that extended ‘third age’ of life. 

It’s not too early to think about downsizing

You may be looking at downsizing as an inevitable transaction in your future, one that will have to be done, especially if you’re hanging onto your family home. 

Our approach is to encourage thinking about the benefits of lifestyle by design. Taking a thoughtful approach to designing the life you want, while you’re still full of life, unlocks an active, adventurous lifestyle at just the right time!  

“We take a different approach to real estate, one that encompasses lifestyle planning. It’s a unique approach where you’re swapping cutting the lawn with a year-round active lifestyle – whether that’s walking on a beach or skiing the fall line while you are still physically able to do these things,” said Keisha Telfer, President and Broker of Record, Transitions Realty and “You can’t do any of those things if your equity is locked into a home that isn’t serving you or your needs anymore.” 

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Downsize your space not your life

Our belief at Transitions is that downsizing doesn’t have to mean ‘small-sizing’ everything. Downsizing while you’re still full of zest could possibly mean a smaller space but right-sizing what that space gives you. 

“You’re not downsizing your lifestyle. In many cases you’re actually upgrading it. Moving from an urban downtown neighbourhood, to an active, lifestyle community focused on outdoor living means more of what you want, and less of what you don’t need,” explains Telfer. 

Waiting too long to find the right fit for your lifestyle often means two things. You won’t have the opportunity to truly live an active and adventurous lifestyle while you’re still young at heart, and it also means you could lose control of decision making, as the probability of health or pivotal life events increases. 

“Having to suddenly move out of your family home because of a health issue means that you’re now looking at a transaction that might be out of your control,” said Telfer. “At Transitions, we want to help you plan and unlock your lifestyle, optimize your fun and enjoyment of life.” 

Stop selling and start transitioning 

Downsizing, as it is being redefined by Baby Boomers, can be a well-thought out and planned transition that enables you to pursue your active and healthy lifestyle, rather than just a transaction triggered by an unexpected event. 

“If you think of real-estate as purely transactional, you won’t have the chance to really think about what YOU want for your future and how you can get there,” said Telfer. 

Transitions Realty can help you plan your lifestyle by design, right-size your home and embrace your possibilities. Contact us here for more information. 


[1] Barrett, A. E., and Toothman, E. L. (2016). Explaining age differences in women’s emotional well-being: the role of subjective experiences of aging. J. Women Aging 28, 285–296. doi: 10.1080/08952841.2015.1017426

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