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Downsizing in Thailand

People who are thinking about downsizing in Thailand have more than a few boxes to check in the positive column. For example, research estimates put the cost of living in that country between 30 and 40% less than North America. If you are considering rightsizing to that country, there are a few things that you will need to know.

For example, transitioning your lifestyle and saving the most money means eating like a local. You should shop at local markets and when you eat out go to small local restaurants.

Here’s a few other things that you will need to make this kind of transition successful. Most visitors from the United States, Canada and Europe do not need any kind of visa to visit Thailand. However, if you plan on living there, you will need to get a retirement visa.

You’ll need to pass a criminal background check and be at least 50 years old to start the process.

Thailand Profile

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This South Asian country is renowned for its natural beauty. Thailand also boasts affordable healthcare and a great climate. Most of the people who have gone through downsizing here, talk about Thailand’s culture and vibrant lifestyle.

International Living is a well-known series of publications for people looking at rightsizing their lives. These folks cover what it’s like to retire and live overseas. They’ve listed Thailand in their publications as one of the best places for transitioning your lifestyle. One of the biggest reasons is this place has the lowest cost of living in the world. Other popular expat destinations include Hua Hin, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

Thailand Amenities

If you’re thinking about downsizing to Thailand, you’ll want to consider healthcare costs. Even though there is no universal healthcare in that country, private insurance is relatively cheap.

Remember Thailand is an extremely popular tourist spot for good reason. There is excellent food and affordable places to stay. The Thai people are renowned as extremely friendly and accommodating.

Bangkok’s International Airport is serviced by many of the major international airlines that you know and trust.

We look after everything when you are transitioning your lifestyle to Thailand. The first step is a simple and transparent one-on-one consultation. It’s a great way for us to get to know where you are now and what you envision your future lifestyle to be. Get in touch with us today to put together a personalized road map to your new life.