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2023 Will Be The Year Of The Downsizing Boomer

New year

December 20, 2022

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As we embark upon a new year, there will be many opportunities and it’s up to us to decide which ones to embrace. For Boomers and older adults, it maybe the right time to consider downsizing your house and transitioning into a home where you can age in place.

By: Rob Carrick
Personal Finance Columnist

Next Stop: Downsizing To Your Third-Age Home

Zoomer downsizing in Toronto GTA Real estate

November 2, 2021


It’s no surprise that the Sandwich Generation is carrying the batton when it comes to their parent's downsizing journey. But what we see first-hand is that given their other responsibilities and commitment, at some point this batton is passed onto experts like us, who specialize in all aspects of downsizing including preparing the family home for sale and finding them their new third age home. Just like the family in this story, you to can have a stress-free and successful transition.

By: Keisha Telfer
Broker of Record and President, Transitions Realty Inc.

Next Stop... Downsizing

Active Life - Next Stop Downsizing - Transitions Realty

September 11, 2021

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Before embarking on a major life change like downsizing, you may find yourself reminiscing about the past and don't see a clear path to your next chapter. An inside look at the thoughts and feelings associated with making this change are revealed in a conversation between two empty nesters as they take that first bold step towards moving past the impasse and begin the downsizing process.

By: Keisha Telfer
Broker of Record and President, Transitions Realty Inc.

Should I Stay, Or Should I Go?

Active Life Cover

July 31, 2021

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As empty-nesters residing in the family home, how do you know when it is the right time to downsize? In our experience, we are all somewhere on the scale weighing out the pros and cons of either leaving or staying put for a while longer. As realtors who specialize in the downsizing niche, we share our top five signs that indicate you are nearing the end of one chapter and “transitioning” to the next. Taking the transactional nature out of real estate, we acknowledge that this is a transition you are undergoing, and with our expertise, we will help you downsize right the first time. Learn about our customized process and the benefits of getting the ball rolling on your downsizing dreams early.

By: Vincent Côté
Broker and CEO, Transitions Realty Inc.

Ontario... Yours to Re-Discover

Active Life Magazine - Keisha Tefler

June 5, 2021

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At the doorstep of the summer season, Ontarians are venturing out across the province to enjoy all that the various regions have to offer. During an upcoming road trip, why not explore the possibility of downsizing in an area you love to visit? It is definitely a trend that is becoming more and more popular as early Gen-Xers & late Boomers move out of the city and discover the benefits of starting a new chapter elsewhere. This article takes a look at a popular road trip destination in Ontario that is attracting more and more residents with each passing year as well as the planned developments by reputable builders to accommodate the growth. Whether you prefer an active adult community or a resale property, Transitions Realty works with you to ensure your real estate choices align with your desired lifestyle.

By: Keisha Telfer
Broker of Record and President, Transitions Realty Inc.

How to Navigate Real-Estate Entrepreneurship in an Unprecedented Market

Canadian SME Cover

May 15, 2021


An interview with Canadian SME Business Magazine lands Transitions Realty Co-Founder, Keisha Telfer, on the cover of the May 2021 issue. The publication that empowers Canadian small and medium businesses gives Keisha the spotlight in a compelling interview about her bold step of launching a new type of brokerage during a pandemic. From her early appreciation of all things home and interior design in her native Trinidad and Tobago to her higher education in Construction Management across the pond, Keisha’s desire to change the transactional nature of real estate into a transitional one fuelled her passion to improve the business model and finally service retirees properly during this major life change. The interview is both inspiring and filled with helpful tips for budding entrepreneurs to keep the faith and carry on with their pursuit to bring their vision to life during these difficult times. In Transitions Realty’s case, it is to help people downsize successfully with no regrets.

By: Keisha Telfer
Broker of Record and President, Transitions Realty Inc.

The Future is Now: A Third-Age Home that Adapts to your Changing Needs

Active-Life-Front-Cover article

April 24, 2021

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As downsizing real estate experts, we know that a forever home is a home that has the capacity to adapt to one’s changing needs over a lifetime. This is why we are huge proponents of living-in-place design and all the autonomy it can offer to our clients. We ensure that the structure of the home can accommodate any eventual changes required. An interview with living-in-place expert Linda Kafka explores all the developments and future missions of this very important design movement. Aging in place design is the ultimate preparation for future property bliss.

By: Keisha Telfer
Broker of Record and President, Transitions Realty Inc.

Why Baby Boomers should explore Ontario this spring when planning for retirement

Transitions Realty Article Image scaled

March 25, 2021

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The statistics show baby boomers are retiring early and the ongoing pandemic has forced even more late boomers into early retirement. Downsizing early though has its perks—when it is planned properly—it provides financial freedom and a renewed purpose for a meaningful and joyous third-age chapter. With the winter behind us, make the most of the spring season by venturing out to see active communities outside of the GTA while flowers are in bloom. International travel is still largely off the table so take the time to plan this important transition by discovering Ontario’s many beautiful communities where you can downsize with style, and money in the bank.

By: Keisha Telfer
Broker of Record and President, Transitions Realty Inc.

Redefining Downsizing: Imagining Your Lifestyle by Design

ActiveLife Front Cover-February-I downsizing in Toronto GTA Real estate

February 27, 2021

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Baby boomers are notorious for redefining and reinvigorating their generation at every stage of life. When it comes to selling the family home, they may be doing it earlier than their parents did but uprooting your life still takes a toll, mentally and emotionally. The difference now is there is a boutique, full-service concierge style agency to properly prepare and plan this next phase of life. The ‘rightsizing’ experts at Transitions Realty, specialize in helping boomers create a lifestyle by design, walking you through the process step by step reinforcing their core belief that you are not a transaction, you are going through a transition.

By: Keisha Telfer
Broker of Record and President, Transitions Realty Inc.

Opportunities Are Waiting For You: Design Your Future Lifestyle by Rightsizing With Intention

Active Life Front Cover-November-I downsizing in Toronto GTA Real estate

November 7, 2020

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Today, more than ever, empty nesters have a multitude of real estate options but how do you decipher which one is right for you? In this article, niche boutique agency, Transitions Realty specializing in guiding retirees “transition” to their next home, explore three main residential possibilities: Master-Planned Communities, Active Adult Lifestyle and Traditional Downsizing. The situation that works best for you is a journey and begins with a free tool created by Transitions Realty to help you reach those answers. The full-service brokerage helps clients connect with their desires and offers a step-by-step roadmap to get you there. Why do it alone? It’s a process best left with the professionals who aptly call downsizing ‘Rightsizing’ into the all-important third-age home.

By: Keisha Telfer
Broker of Record and President, Transitions Realty Inc.

Has COVID Created the Perfect Opportunity for Boomers to Downsize?

Group Of Senior Friends Having Fun Playing Mini Golf At The Back

January 26, 2021

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Contrary to popular belief, downsizing does not equal downgrading your space. When done properly, boomers can and should take advantage of the high demand for detached, single-family homes in the GTA by selling earlier as young retirees as opposed to a later, perhaps in a health-compromised stage. The desired lifestyle is matched with a suitable ‘third age’ home, which includes an upgraded life and living space with elevated design features, freedom from constant house maintenance, and the luxury of time to enjoy this exciting time of life.

By: Erin Nicole Davis

Downsizing During a Pandemic

mature woman hugging her husband

February 2, 2021

Moolala Podcast

Listen in to this audio podcast as Keisha talks with Bruce Sellery about downsizing during a pandemic. In this fast-paced interview, they cover when and if to downsize; why wait until it's too late; the emotional side of the family home; aging in "the right" place; unlocking more equity in the current seller's market; what is included in many condo fees; staging your home for maximum appeal, and why boomers should consider downsizing now versus later.

By: Bruce Sellery

To Downsize or Not to Downsize - That is the Question for Canada's Baby Boomers

downsizing in Toronto GTA Real estate moving

January 22, 2021

Mortgage Broker News

A look at the pros and cons of baby boomers selling the family home during a time when spacious, detached homes are steadily increasing in value. Transitions Realty founders Keisha Telfer and Vincent Côté tout the financial and lifestyle benefits of selling in the midst of a hot market to shape early retirees’ future exactly the way they want it, with extra money in the bank.

By: Clayton Jarvis

3 Reasons Baby Boomers Should Downsize Early

Coins Stack And Leaf With Line Graph Business Connect On Natur

February 11, 2021

Financial Independence Hub

There’s never been a better time for boomers to be proactive and plan a new, purposeful lifestyle thanks to the added equity from the sale of a family home. The call to action to plan and properly transition has never been stronger for early retirees to get a head start on the freedom the third age can offer.

By: Keisha Telfer
Broker of Record and President, Transitions Realty Inc.

Modern Living: The Upside of Downsizing

Senior playing guitar downsizing in Toronto GTA Real estate

February 11, 2021

National Post

Various luxury condo developments in tony Toronto neighbourhoods are appealing to the 55+ group who are trading in their family home in exchange for high-end, exquisite design features, and amenities without the burden of home ownership or leaving their beloved area. Transitions Co-founder Vincent Côté claims this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for baby boomers to downsize and simultaneously upside their life.

By: Adam Bisby
Special Contributor to National Post

A Hot Housing Market Offers a Golden Ticket to Downsizing Boomers

Golden ticket

February 9, 2021

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The extra equity boomers can gain from selling in a pandemic-driven real estate market is worth exploring as well as taking the time to decipher what their future lifestyle looks like. Transitions Realty helps boomers through the process of considering the various options on where to live next. Carrick predicts a revival of urban living post-pandemic, and boomers can take advantage of selling high (single home) and purchasing low (a condo in the city) before condo prices surge again.

By: Rob Carrick
Personal Finance Columnist