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Who We Are

They say 60 is the new 40. Now it’s YOUR time!

Woodstock. It defined your generation. It was a time of civil rights, free love and rock & roll.

Picture half a million long-haired hippies, camped out on a dairy farm, mesmerized by legendary artists such as The Who, Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead.

downsizing about live your life Home Downsizing in Toronto

Or remember when you toured your Honda CB down country roads, Easy Rider style? You hunkered down like a boss, steered into the crosswind and knew exactly what it meant to be alive.

We know what you’re thinking—those days are long gone.

Or are they?

Why not be that free spirit again?

Maybe you’ve recently retired or you’re almost there.

Your home was perfect for your family. But now the kids have moved out. Your house is feeling big and empty. The monthly utility bills have gotten too high. Your property taxes are soaring. And you can’t believe all the money you just paid to fix your leaky roof.

And then there’s the time you spend digging out heaps of snow after a blizzard, mowing the lawn every week and tediously vacuuming three floors of carpet.

Remember before you got tied down with work … with being the world’s best parent … with owning a home and the never-ending struggles of managing a household?

If you weren’t stuck tending your big garden or trimming your unruly hedge … what would you do instead?

You could leverage the equity in your house and fund your new lifestyle! Walk away from the stresses, the costs and the complexities that weigh you down.

You deserve the freedom and flexibility to fill your life with the activities you enjoy most.

Lifestyle by design. That’s what we bring you.

Wondering what your new life will look like? At Transitions Realty, many of our clients don’t know the answer … and are struggling to plan their new adventure and don’t even know where to start.

Do you know the range of lifestyle options available to you? And once you decide what’s next, what steps should you take to get there?

Maybe you dream of moving out of your suburban house and settling into a cozy little condo unit downtown. Restaurants, shopping and the vibrant beat of the city await.

Or perhaps you prefer the serenity of the countryside and long for a quiet new home on the lake.

While retirement communities often mean homes for the aging, lifestyle communities let active baby boomers take part in year-round recreational activities such as cycling, hiking, sailing, golfing, skiing and snowshoeing. Imagine pristine countrysides and breathtaking panoramic views … quaint townships overflowing with wineries, restaurants, art galleries and heritage sites… and international travel opportunities with new friends in the same stage of life as you are.

Whether you want to live closer to your grown-up kids and grandchildren, squeeze into a one-bedroom apartment and travel to exotic destinations, or launch a second career and live closer to your new workplace, Transitions Realty will help you map out your new lifestyle and downsize with intention.

Downsize your house and upsize your lifestyle.

“Sell the house?”, you say. “You’re crazy! It’s our home. It’s where we raised our children, where we played with our pets, where our friends gathered for parties and our family laughed around the dinner table.”

What’s more, your home is filled with treasured heirlooms and a lifetime’s worth of possessions.

At Transitions Realty, we know that selling your lifelong home may be one of the most emotionally gut-wrenching decisions you’ll ever have to make. But we also know that downsizing opens up tremendous opportunity. That’s why we’re here to help.

Our team of experienced professionals will take you through our exclusive 3-Step Process:

First, we Envision … meaning we discover who you are, discuss your goals and dreams, and understand what you value most.
Then, we Design … meaning we explore your various lifestyle options and craft your very own customized transition plan.
Finally, we Transition … meaning we work with you every step of the way to bring your transition plan to life.

We’re your trusted guides and your one-stop resource.

From ensuring you understand your future lifestyle options, to helping you make informed decisions with confidence, to identifying reliable professionals we can work with, to helping you declutter and preserve your finest memories, to serving as your experienced real estate agents, Transitions Realty will help you achieve the new dream lifestyle you’ve been longing for.

Your new adventure awaits. What are you waiting for?