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Downsizing in Niagara

Downsizing in Niagara On The Lake provides all the modern amenities and 19th-century buildings. If you’re looking at transitioning your lifestyle here, you’ll find this is a picturesque and historic town. It’s a place with a wonderful history that dates back to the United Empire Loyalists in 1781. The place is also well-known for its natural beauty and various heritage landmarks.

Rightsizing in Niagara On The Lake means taking advantage of world-class golf courses as well as beautiful gardens and serene parks. There are also a variety of vineyards and wineries here. Niagara On The Lake is home to interesting Canadian history. The first newspaper in upper Canada was published here.

Niagara Profile

Niagara On The Lake is located just about 90 minutes from Toronto on the Niagara Peninsula. The town boasts an unspoiled countryside. Outstanding Canadian wineries are also located here. Award- winning wines, vineyards as well as greenhouses and orchards can be found in town. This town has many world class restaurants and the Internationally renowned Shaw Festival Theatres make their home in Niagara On The Lake. Comfort Life Publications earmarked this town as a finalist in their Best Places to Retire Anywhere in Ontario listing.

Horse Carriage in Niagara on the Lake

Niagara Amenities

Transitioning your lifestyle to Niagara On The Lake doesn’t mean giving up any amenities. Whether you are looking for heritage sites or modern shopping experiences, this place has you covered. There are a variety of farms to visit and day trips to take that are fascinating and interesting. Rightsizing can often mean looking for an excellent transit system. Niagara On The Lake supplies a variety of wheelchair accessible buses.

This area supplies up to date information on any schedules and changes. There are also excellent emergency medical services and local medical services provided by the Niagara Health System. Niagara On The Lake is a cultural place to live. That’s why they have an outstanding public library that includes newspaper clippings and historical artifacts.

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Community Living Niagara


Population: 18,652
Population Median Age: 42
Percentage of People Between 50 and 70:


Year of Incorporation: 1792 (reincorporated in 1970)

Temperature / Weather

Number of Days Above Zero Celsius: 238
Number of Days Above Twenty Celsius: 128

Community Facts

Number of Doctors Offices: 4
Five Year Crime Severity Index: 53 (National Average is 73.)