Helping Canadians Downsize to Retirement Communities

Baby boomers in recent years have redefined the terms “retirement and downsizing “. The concept of pairing down and moving into either a lifestyle or adult community is the new norm, often referred to as “Rightsizing” or “Smart-Sizing”.

While there are many communities across Canada that offer the type of lifestyle the “boomers” yearn for, some opt for adventure and year-round sunshine.

There are so many great places to retire, many of which are hidden gems. To help you kick start the process, we at Transitions have hand picked a few of the best options both at home and abroad. The communities on our list include amenities right sizers are looking for such as safe environments, high-quality health care, low cost of living, seasonal outdoor activities, great shops, restaurants and lots of entertainment.

It’s your time! Check out a few great downsizing destinations in Ontario and abroad.