What’s Your Perfect RV?

3 Questions that will narrow down your search


The Transitions Realty team recently toured the Owasco showroom with Brian Heringer as our very engaging and knowledgeable tour guide.  We were definitely impressed with what all the models, big and small, had to offer in both style and function. These are definitely not the RVs you might recall from the ‘70s. Award-winning RV company Jayco has reinvented the interiors of their RVs. You didn’t get stuck in the decade, and thankfully neither did they. From Modern Farmhouse to Cashmere Cottage, your home on wheels offers next-level design along with all the modern conveniences which make for a more pleasant journey.  While we can’t talk about every model in the showroom, here is a glimpse of what we saw.

The ABC's of RVs

It’s important to know that RVs are classified in three series: A, B and C. While some of the features are the same in all three classifications, here are some of the distinctive differences.


Chockfull of luxurious amenities, Class A motorhomes offer a lot of space and are ideal for full-time RVers. Many have separate master bedrooms with sofas and dining sets that convert to beds. The bathrooms are larger and so are the kitchens, which come fully equipped.
RV Infographic-4_Class A


The Class B motorhome is the smallest of the classes. They tend to be better on fuel but are short on space. They usually have a tiny kitchen, living room, and a wet space as a bathroom. Also referred to as a Camper Van.
RV Infographic-4_Class B


Sometimes referred to as a mini-motorhome, Class C is somewhere between A & B. The distinction is an attached cab and an overhang that extends over the cab is used as sleeping quarters and may also be used for storage.
RV Infographic-4_Class C
RV Infographic-4_Class A
RV Infographic-4_Class B
RV Infographic-4_Class C

*Sleeping capacity will vary depending on RV brand and model.

3 Crucial Questions

Now that you’re well versed in the different distinctions, to narrow down your search in a cornucopia of RV options, Heringer asks clients these three crucial questions:

  1. What kind of vehicle do you own? Certain smaller RV models can be towed with an SUV while other larger ones require a proper pickup truck

  2. How many sleepers (beds) are required? A couple or a family? There is designated space for a pet too!

    Once you tour the showroom and discover the appeal and convenience of what bigger models offer, Deringer asks:
  1. Are you open to purchasing a new vehicle to accommodate the heavier towing capacity required in a larger model?
6152-Alante 31V Kitchen_WEB-2


If you decide on a larger model, there are other issues to contend with such as: where to park it and/or road-size restrictions when travelling. Some townships don’t allow the parking of motorhomes in a residential driveway, for instance. Or you may encounter roads not large enough for your RV, which may lengthen your driving time between destinations trying to find alternate routes.

Ultimately, once you find which RV works best for you, you will soon discover–as many before you–that there is nothing quite like travelling with the ability to take your bedroom, washroom, shower facilities, and kitchen along with you, eliminating the many safety concerns, and expenses associated with extended holidays.

HAPPY RVing…and may every day feel like Saturday!

For more information on RV models, go to Owasco.com

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