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3 Easy DIY Paint Projects that will make a big impact in your home

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Ah, Summertime. Are you soaking up the new-found freedom after a long lockdown? Between the patio-hopping, barbecues and weekends in cottage country, design aficionados rejoice that it is also the season of home improvement projects. And this year, the desire to mix things up is a bit more pronounced. Let’s face it, you have stared at those same old walls for an extra-long time this past year and a half, and now is the right time to add some pizazz to your home. Fortunately, transforming your space doesn’t mean you need a big budget or a lot of time to pull it off. We recently spoke with Benjamin Moore colour and design expert, Sharon Grech, who shared three different ways to elevate your home and refresh your interiors with paint in just one weekend. Have a read and add your personal style stamp to your home while flexing some DIY muscle.

Go for Faux Wallpaper

From painting one wall a bold colour or adding interest with a stylish painted arch, there are endless options for creating a focal point in your space with colour. This season, accent walls are going graphic and taking inspiration from wallpaper — with a lot less fuss.

“Whether you choose polka dots, thin lines or an intricate pattern, this transformation is an easy way to give any space personality,” shares Grech. “This project is perfect for those looking to get creative — use a stencil for flawless results in no time.”

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How to Create a Dramatic Focal Wall with Stencils

1. Preparation

Choose wall to stencil and select stencil design, wall colour and accent colour to paint stencil design. Paint wall if it is not already in the chosen paint pick.

2. Determine Starting Point

Determine design layout and position stencil on the wall at starting point. Attach the stencil using painter’s tape.

3. Paint Stencil Design

Paint design on wall with a stencil brush using dry brush method. Begin by dipping tips of bristles in paint and remove excess by dapping brush on a paper towel.

4. Paint Using Stippling Method

Apply paint using stippling method, which is dapping brush against stencil openings. Tip: Do not brush paint over stencil openings as this will lead to paint seeping under stencil.

5. Hold Stencil in Place

Apply pressure to stencil around openings while stippling to ensure sharp paint lines.

6. Mark Registration Points

Trace all four registration points with a pencil prior to moving stencil.

7. Move Stencil

Move stencil by lining up stencil registration points to continue design. Tape stencil in place and repeat painting process. Tip: Use a level to check stencil tile placement to ensure design is painted evenly.

8. Repeat Steps

Continue painting stencil design, mark registration points and move stencil across and down wall until desired area is covered with design.

Make a Statement with your Staircase

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It can feel daunting to paint an entire room, especially if you want to do it yourself. Instead, look for small projects that make a significant impact, such as painting your stair risers. Whether you want to add an unexpected pop of colour or take a tonal approach by alternating between shades of grey like Feather Gray 2127-60 and Pike’s Peak Gray 2127-50.

Advance interior paint delivers a durable, furniture-like finish on wood surfaces so that you can achieve professional results in a weekend.

Welcome Vibrant Doors, Inside & Out

Painting your front door is an easy way to boost your home’s curb appeal, but who says you can’t make an immediate impact by painting your interior doors?

“If you lean towards a neutral palette, painting a door in an energizing hue like Marblehead Gold HC-11 can help you incorporate a splash of colour into your home without committing to an entire wall,” explains Grech. If you’re hesitant to introduce a vibrant colour, she suggests Palladian Blue HC-144 for a subtle facelift.

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MarbleheadGold HC 11 Home Downsizing in Toronto
Marblehead Gold HC-11
PalladianBlue HC 144 Home Downsizing in Toronto

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