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Top considerations when looking at golf communities.

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Braestone Club

According to a recent NAVICOM study, there are 5.7 million golfers in Canada and they spend about $2.5 billion annually on golf-related travel.

We get it. Golf is important to you and downsizing may mean you finally have the luxury of time to up your game. Combining your lifestyle goals with your real estate choices is our specialty, and for golf enthusiasts, this prospect is a popular one with the 55+ age group. Together we would explore whether living within an exclusive golf community where membership is included (fully or partially), or if a home adjacent to a desired golf club would better suit your needs. Whichever scenario works best for you, here are some features to consider when you merge your two worlds of home and golf.


Yes, the old adage still applies. You may fall in love with a home in a remote community but how do you feel about being at least an hour away from an international airport or major hospitals? Of course, there may be other factors, like walkability or proximity to loved ones, that will make moving to a smaller centre less desirable. In this case, look for a golf community in a suburb.

Amenities & Community

Golf communities go beyond golf, there are usually hiking and cycling trails as well as a fitness centre or a pool. Most likely, your neighbours share common interests, and you will be amongst people of a similar age and a links-focused lifestyle. Naturally, a sense of community emerges with social events and increased opportunity to form friendships. An added bonus is home maintenance chores like mowing lawns and shoveling snow will be replaced with more time to golf or engage in any leisurely activity of your choosing.

Braestone | Transitions Realty Inc | Downsizing Experts


What you may want to consider is your privacy, or lack thereof. During the day, there isn’t much you can do to avoid golfers from peeking into your backyard. You may opt for a privacy fence to reduce onlookers or golf balls landing on your property, but what you gain in privacy you may lose in views. And aren’t the lush verdant views of the perfectly manicured grass one of the main draws of living there?

The Ktchn restaurant bar elevates the golf experience Home Downsizing in Toronto

Mike Parker, VP of Sales & Marketing for Georgian Communities touts the privacy benefits for the residents of Braestone. “Braestone Club is a public golf course with the homes at Braestone Estates not directly surrounding the course, they are a five-minute drive away so as a resident you’re not exposed to people hitting balls in your backyard,” says Parker. The upscale country estates are described as Ralph Lauren meets Normal Rockwell and after seven years in the making, the development has redefined the rural experience with an array of amenities referred to as “Remarkables.” Although not directly tied to the community, Braestone Club, the former Orillia golf club was acquired by Georgian International, the parent company of Georgian Communities in 2020, and was transformed to include a farmhouse inspired clubhouse worthy of the Braestone name. 

The 18-hole course and its wide fairways on rolling hills offer stunning views and the swank, chef-worthy restaurant “The Ktchn located inside the clubhouse is a great way to enjoy an upscale dining experience while taking in the sunset after a day of playing golf,” says Parker.

Partner with the Right Brokerage

What looks good on paper doesn’t always translate. At some point, you need to test the waters and arm yourself with the facts. You can start your search online or you can ask people who have moved to a golf community to find out the reality of living there. Ultimately, it is important to choose a brokerage that specializes in transitional real estate—downsizing experts who know how to combine your love of the game with a home and community you will thrive in.

Braestone | Transitions Realty Inc | Downsizing Experts
Sunset at Braestone

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