Active Adult Communities—Is It The Right CHOICE For ME?

When it comes to downsizing, we are strong advocates of the Goldilocks principle. Simply said, when our clients decide to undertake this major life transition, there isn’t anything more important than finding a home that is “just right.”

And it isn’t just a matter of figuring out whether you want to stay in your neighbourhood or move to a new city or town, or whether you prefer low-rise over high-rise. The right place isn’t just about where, it is about having the lifestyle that resonates most with you. What that looks like depends entirely on you and how you want to live your next chapter. With some research and soul searching, our clients are able to answer these crucial questions.

Armed with that information, that’s when we can help you explore the many downsizing options available to you in search of finding the home and community that is best for you. For instance, if staying active and connected is important to you, you may want to consider the benefits of moving to an Active Adult Lifestyle Community.

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Activities & Amenities

Growing in popularity among Canadians, these are modern, vibrant planned communities that are geared towards the 55+ demographic who want to enjoy a carefree, active life with like-minded people. If you are a mature adult who enjoys keeping active and engaged, and making new friends along the way, this is a place where you can actually thrive in.

Monthly maintenance fees could free you from chores such as lawn maintenance and snow shovelling so that you can enjoy more leisure time amidst a community of peers. You can enjoy popular year-round activities such as golf, tennis, skiing, snowshoeing and hiking. Some of the Active Adult Lifestyle Communities include a golf course or pool or even a spa on-site, or these amenities are accessible and located nearby. Think resort living at your fingertips.

If you’re a bit of a wall flower, don’t fret…many 55+ communities offer classes and activities to help people with similar interests get together. Of course, you decide how active or social you want to be; you can participate in organized events or spend your leisure time reading a book or meandering in the community garden enjoying your own company—the choice is completely up to you.

Active Adult Lifestyle communities
Active adult lifestyle communities - Transitions Realty

Location & Type of Residence

Active Adult Communities come in all shapes and sizes. They can be comprised of condominiums, townhomes, semi’s or detached homes. Typically, they are one-storey houses or perhaps a loft style. They are designed with your lifestyle in mind and are conveniently built near shopping, restaurants, medical offices, hospitals, parks, walking trails, and other attractions.

If you prefer more of a small-town charm setting, nestled amidst nature, there are a number of active communities being developed in more rural areas across Ontario. Whether it’s country or city, the opportunity to be active while enjoying a sense of community is the common denominator.

There are many great Active Adult Communities in Ontario that covers the full gamut of lifestyle choices that appeal to downsizers who want to optimize their leisure time and enjoy connections with people with similar interests in the same stage of life. If you would like more detailed information on this downsizing option, give us a call at 647-948-7415, and together we will uncover the home and community that is “just right” for you!

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