Meet Our Team

Keisha Telfer

Broker of Record & President
Accredited Senior Agent™

Keisha Telfer

“I’m here to listen to your story, understand your needs and educate you on your lifestyle options so you can make informed decisions about your life’s next chapter. What I love most about my job is the chance to guide clients through some of their most important life transitions.”

Keisha is a real estate expert and a co-founder of Transitions Realty. She can provide you with valuable support and direction during a major downsizing or rightsizing transition.

Professional Background

While growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, Keisha came to appreciate homes and design when her grandmother completed a home renovation and her mother bought land and built a beautiful family home.

After graduating from the University of Greenwich in London, United Kingdom, with a master’s degree in Construction Project Management, Keisha managed a portfolio of social housing developments. In 2012, Keisha immigrated to Canada, where she attained Canadian credentials in Construction Project Management and a Real Estate Broker licence.

Keisha has served many clients including first-time buyers, people looking to upsize to a bigger home, and those wanting to downsize. While she loves working with all types of clients, she’s especially drawn to downsizers seeking to reinvent themselves with a lifestyle change.

Keisha understands the benefits of downsizing through personal experience. She knows first-hand how good it feels to sell a home and put its equity toward serving a new goal.

Keisha maintains active relationships with a vast network of developers, construction professionals, mortgage specialists, financial advisors, home inspectors, movers and more.

When Keisha is not helping you transform your life, you might find her cycling, hiking or getting her hands dirty on a do-it-yourself project. She also loves travelling because it helps her learn about different cultures, try new delicacies and make new friends.

Vincent Côté

Broker & CEO

Vincent Cote

“Transitioning out of the home you’ve lived in for years can be emotionally and logistically challenging. At Transitions Realty, we understand that downsizing is more than a simple ‘sell-your-house-and-move’ transaction. We’re here to support you through your entire downsizing journey, ensuring a stress-free and seamless transition.”

Vincent, a practising real estate broker, co-founded Transitions Realty to make a difference in the lives of older adults as they transition into a new home or a retirement community.

If you’re considering a move, Vincent and his team of downsizing experts and Realtors® will guide you through Downsizing Done Right—a step-by-step plan for decluttering your stuff, preparing your house for sale, and moving into the right new living environment.

Professional Background

Vincent brings 20 years of experience in the capital markets finance industry. During a sabbatical, Vincent decided it was time to follow in his entrepreneurial family’s footsteps. He would acquire his own business—one that aligned with his family’s tradition of small businesses serving others. Over the years, Vincent has owned and operated several small service companies.

As the CEO of Transitions Realty, Vincent recognizes that the best way to serve older home downsizers is to guide them through this significant life change. This principle forms the heart of Transitions Philosophy.

“You’re not a transaction—you’re making a Transition!”

Through our exclusive 3-step process, Vincent and his team will declutter, fix up, stage, and sell your house while finding you the perfect home to age in place. For clients moving into a retirement community, we focus on the level of care needed, arrange tours, and guide you through the selection process.

Vincent is an active member of the Toronto Real Estate Board and is registered with the Real Estate Council of Ontario. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and a master’s degree in Mathematical Finance.

When he’s not assisting downsizers, Vincent enjoys travelling, bicycling, and riding his motorbike.

Tracy Smith

Content Marketing Specialist

Tracy Smith

“I have cared for my aging parents and watched my mom downsize out of her home to live near her grandchildren. Having gone through big changes myself, I empathize with people over 50 making life-transforming decisions. I’m here to deliver the information they need for a successful downsizing journey.”

Professional Background

Tracy is a professional-class copywriter and content marketing creator. Over her 25-year career, she has planned and written many informative, engaging, and persuasive materials to build brand awareness, nurture leads, and drive sales. She has earned trust with clients by providing her services with care, thoughtful attention to detail, and integrity.

As the Communications Manager at LexisNexis Canada, Tracy served as the chief authority on the global company’s Canadian brand voice. She also managed internal communications to increase employee engagement and led team members to deliver well-written, on-brand marketing communications.

Tracy has written marketing copy and web content for small businesses in a range of industries. These include downsizing real estate, retirement living, small business exit planning, business brokerage services, landlord and tenant services, consumer credit services, building construction consumer products, legal services and technology, and human resources recruiting.

In recent years, Tracy made it her mission to fulfill her purpose and create a healthy balance between working and enjoying her life. She has travelled in 23 countries and takes pride in being the only woman her age at the gym (as far as she can tell) to do barbell bench presses.

Atousa Fathi

Graphic and Web Design Specialist

Atousa Fathi Graphic Designer

“As a graphic designer, I can imagine and create something that others cannot see. My desire is always to support the senior community, and Transitions Realty is where I can apply my skills to help older adults find a comfortable home as they age.”

Professional Background

Atousa Fathi is a skilled WordPress web designer and developer, user interface (UI) designer, user experience (UX) designer, graphic designer, and social media marketer.

Atousa brings nine years’ experience in graphic design and has created many visually appealing materials for various organizations. Her website background includes design, plug-ins, and implementation. She has created many engaging and interactive websites and developed compelling content (including videos and reels) for social media platforms. Her strong customer service skills ensure exceptional client experiences from the initial meeting to post-launch website debugging and maintenance.

Atousa holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Software Engineering from Bushehr University in Iran, as well as certificates in Digital Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, UI Design, and UX Design. With her extensive skill set, passion for design, and proven track record of success, Atousa is a dedicated professional who consistently delivers exceptional results.