Your Downsizing Dream Team: The Experts You Need on Your Side For A Smooth Transition

When you start thinking about the transition towards downsizing, creating an early plan for retirement and knowing the right team of professionals to guide you along is key. A real estate brokerage specializing in all areas of downsizing is essential in ensuring a smooth transition.  A downsizing dream team that offers the full package; from financial advisors to professional organizers and retirement coaches and more; partnering with these trusted professionals and their area of expertise leads to a prosperous third age chapter. Starting with us:

A Downsizing Real Estate Brokerage

The downsizing process can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t happen overnight and there are many challenges along the way. With a downsizing real estate brokerage specializing in all aspects to this major life transition, we cover every facet to ensure our clients cross this threshold as seamlessly and successfully as possible. As downsizing experts, we help you consider all your options and design a customized road map to find you a home that matches your desired lifestyle. We know your market and set you up for success. This is not merely a transaction; our concierge service is all you need to help you make a prosperous transition. We don’t do it alone. We partner with the best to offer you the best. 

Financial Advisor

Finances are critical to the downsizing process. The aim of a financial advisor is to help you attain financial health for your retirement years. For instance, when you sell your house, a financial advisor helps you build your retirement fund with the equity from the sale.  There are two types of financial advisors: advice-only, (also known as fee-only) or commission-based financial planners. The former are advisors who solely give you the advice you need to make the right financial decisions and do not promote or sell any products to you. The latter are commission-based advisors who help you with your financial planning needs and do not charge a fee. Instead, they earn a commission on any products they sell or have an annual management fee. Finding the right financial advisor for your needs is paramount, and we recommend highly regarded companies like Objective Financial and Raymond James. However, if you are happy with your financial advisor, we encourage you to continue working with them.

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Senior Couple Talking To Financial Advisor At Home

 Retirement Coach

The mental, physical and emotional transition that people go through when they retire should not be taken lightly. It’s a major life change, impacting your identity and sometimes your purpose. This potential upheaval can be best addressed with the right retirement plan and some helpful guidance from a professional. Working with a retirement coach such as Retire Ready Canada and Jean Sheppard Retirement can help you plan your retirement, reach all of your lifelong adventure goals and live a better quality life.

 Professional Organizer & Declutter Expert

Over the years, you’ve probably collected a lot of keepsakes or memorabilia, which have occupied certain areas in your home like closets or a basement. When downsizing, the prospect of parting with them may prove to be quite the emotional experience. Not to mention, it is an overwhelming task to manage on your own when it comes time to sell the family home. Cleaning out the entire home is not an overnight job and can take weeks or even months. A great option to ease the decluttering frustration is to work with a professional organizer like Hellen Buttigieg, who is an expert at helping clients during the transition process. You may choose to work with a full-service company like Dynamic Downsizers, who can help with the entire process, or you can simply select whichever service you want. You can also do it yourself but we do recommend you start this process as soon as you know you want to downsize, so you aren’t pruning your closets while potential buyers are ringing the doorbell.

Transitioning doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, when you break it down in tiny parts, and have the right team of professionals working alongside you, the experience offers peace of mind, guidance and comfort knowing that you are being taken care of every step of the way. At Transitions Realty Inc., we developed our entire client service model around providing our clients with the ultimate dream team. Alongside our trusted partners, we work with you long before and after that ‘For Sale’ sign goes up.

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