The Real Estate Transaction

Real Estate Transactions

At the heart of every transition is a successful real estate transaction. That’s why in addition to making downsizing a seamless, hassle free experience, Transitions offers exceptional real estate transaction services, including our home selling process. This process involves listing your home for sale and negotiating the entire transaction. At Transitions, our number one priority is making sure our clients enjoy their Golden Years.

Benefits Of Partnering With Transitions

Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to.

Professional Pre-Home Inspection. We hire a certified home inspector to complete a thorough report highlighting any issues that could potentially impact the value of your home. Its also gives you the opportunity to address areas of concerns before listing your house for sale. Another great benefit of having this inspection completed is, there are no hidden surprises when you have an offer on the table. This typically gives you a stronger bargaining position to close on your terms.

At this junction in your life, it is crucial to know exactly how much value your house can bring to fund your new lifestyle. Our exclusive and comprehensive Transitions Home Evaluation Report offers a complete analysis of comparable homes in your neighbourhood that either recently sold, was listed and did not sell as well as the homes currently on the market that you will be competing with. This provides you with the knowledge to confidently choose the selling price that’s right for your home.

A step-by-step Customized Selling Plan is another one of the bonuses you get with us. Every home is different and so are your expectations when selling your house. These customized plans are blueprints to sell your home on your terms and at its full market value.

The Home Selling Process

When it comes to the transaction, we will educate you on the entire selling process and the current market conditions.

We will then design a customized marketing strategy which tells the story of your home, while highlighting qualities we know buyers will love about it.

And of course, we take care of everything from organizing, cleaning, staging, marketing, listing, negotiating and moving.

When we say we offer a complete service for transitioning your lifestyle, we really mean it.

Big Changes

Big changes don’t have to come with “Big Frustrations”!

We know, transitioning your lifestyle is challenging and can be daunting. To alleviate the stress, we offer an excellent full package of services that can help you get from point A to point B. Transitions is your one stop shop that looks after the details of rightsizing so you don’t have to.

Your new life is calling you, so call us today.