The Pre-Move

Our Help Starts with The Pre-Move

Transitions wants to be with you every step of the way when you are transitioning to a new lifestyle. Designing a customized plan means helping you with each and every detail. It’s our dedication to your 100% satisfaction that sets us apart. The help we provide starts with the pre-move from your old home. This is done with a compassionate motivated approach. Our experts understand you spent a lifetime putting memories together. Now that it’s time to move on, we are happy to help de-clutter and organize your house.

A Big Transition

Downsizing can be a big transition. Making all of the tough decisions involved can be overwhelming and stressful. Rightsizing your home and lifestyle can be time-consuming, physically exhausting and even intimidating. Decluttering and organizing all of your belongings before you pack is usually the first step. We can help. Transitions can help you with content donation, disposals and sale. Why not let us categorize your different items? Transitions has a plan for every room in your house. For example, in the bathroom we suggest the medicine cabinet is the first place to tackle. After that, our professional team will move into your cabinet drawers.

The Most Memories

The bedroom is one of the places where you’ve put together the most memories. We look after every detail including items left on the top of your chests and dressers. The pre-move sets the tone for how smoothly the rest of the downsizing will go. One of the other areas that we tackle for you are closets. Being able to pile your clothing into separate categories helps you to see everything. This process makes it much easier to decide what goes, what stays and what will be donated or sold.

A Pre-Move Checklist

The pre-move we create for you acts like a checklist. Our decluttering team leaves no detail out of the mix. Planning ahead is always the best move. A garage sale is one option. Afterwards, we can donate anything that’s left over. The point is clear. The help we provide starts with the pre-move. It’s the easiest quickest way to start the rightsizing process. No detail is too big or small for us to look after. Removing light bulbs from all the lamps you plan on taking with you is just one of the little extras we look after. Getting in touch with Transitions is the right move when you’re looking to transition your lifestyle.