Downsizing Done Right Webinar Series

4 sessions
April 15, 2021
April 24, 2021
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Your successful downsizing journey begins with our Webinar series, offering expert knowledge in all key areas of this imminent next chapter. Full of helpful and relevant information, this Downsizing Webinar will help you to define and create the type of third chapter you desire. You can downsize like a pro, with the help of pros.

If you have recently retired or about to retire, chances are the traditional path our parents took of remaining in the family home too long, most likely doesn’t work for you. After all, the baby boomer generation has redefined the third age experience and as a result, late boomers and early Gen-Xers now choose to downsize early. The benefit of course, is to pursue an active and meaningful third age that resonates with purpose and passion. We know in order to pull this off properly, preparation is key as major transitions don’t happen overnight. So that is why, we created this webinar series to guide you along this journey to a joyous downsizing lifestyle, so that you can maximize the full potential of this vibrant time of life.


There are 4 sessions in this series

Central Series Theme: Keisha Telfer, Co-founder and Broker of Record of Transitions Realty, leads each downsizing discussion by offering her insights on the realty needs of this niche demographic. Keisha introduces the topic of downsizing, and how it is different now for the Baby Boomer generation than it is for their parents. She covers Why Boomers are downsizing early, How to successfully downsize, with no regrets, and lays out the typical Obstacles that stand in your way of a smooth transition. In the first three sessions, Keisha will be joined by one expert guest speaker who will share their specialized knowledge from financial planning to retirement-ready coaching. Our pre-selected guests all have the wisdom and experience to help you properly prepare for what can be the most exciting time of your life. The final session will consist of all three guest speakers, who will answer any questions you may have.





Guest Speaker

Session 1
Financial Considerations of Downsizing
April 15, 2021
7:00 PM
Adam McHenry

This episode features Adam McHenry, Guest Speaker, who tackles the all-important:

Downsizing Your Way to a Better Retirement: Using the nest egg, you may have realized from downsizing from a larger family home, effective investment planning can provide the sustainable resources for you to do the things you want, like turning an annual dream vacation into a reality.

The Value of Estate Planning and Charitable Giving: Dying is not a popular topic of discussion, for obvious reasons, but it is a reality of life. However, planning ahead for your estate could prove to be very rewarding, as it would provide both you and your loved ones with added security and peace of mind.

Session 2
What a Retirement Coach Brings to Downsizing?
April 17, 2021
10:30 AM
Jennifer Rovert

This episode features Jennifer Rovet, Guest Speaker, who talks about the importance of planning and being prepared for the non-financial side of retirement. She will address how to find meaning and purpose once again, as you transition into this new stage of life.

Session 3
Decluttering when Downsizing
April 22, 2021
7:00 PM
Pauline Duhart

This episode features Pauline Duhart, Guest Speaker, who will be joining our webinar series to guide you through the challenges and daunting aspects of decluttering when downsizing. Our decluttering and organizing pro will ease your fears by offering effective solutions when contemplating paring down your possession in your home.

Session 4
Downsizing Done Right - Series Wrap Up & Guest Panel
April 24, 2021
10:30 AM
Panel: Adam McHenry, Jennifer Rovet, Pauline Duhart

This is the series wrap up, featuring a panel of all three series guests Adam McHenry, Financial Advisor, Jennifer Rovet, Retirement Coach, and Pauline Duhart, Decluttering Guru.  The panel will answer any questions that have come up throughout the series.  If you were not able to attend one of the prior sessions and want a recap from a particular guest, this is the perfect session to attend.

About the Host

Keisha Telfer
Keisha Telfer
Co-Founder, Broker of Record
Transitions Realty Inc.

Keisha is Co-Founder, and Broker of Record at Transitions Realty Inc. After a successful career in event management, and residential construction, Keisha found her home in Real Estate. She decided, with her business partner, to focus on the most underserved demographic in the industry, the 50+ downsizers. To this group, at this stage, it's not simply about the transaction, this is a life transition that requires special focus and broad consideration.
- "How do I sell the family home and declutter a lifetime's worth of possessions? "
-"What's next for me, in this new age?"
-“Should I move into a retirement community or a fully accessible home?”
-“What are my aging parents’ options?”
These are some of the questions she and her team help clients answer before they sell the family home. As you can see, this is not your typical real estate service, which is why it required a whole new brokerage! Keisha is excited to guide you through these and other challenges that you and your family may be facing during this critical transition period.

About the Speakers

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