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July 22, 2021
7: 00 pm
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Keisha Telfer
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You will learn..

You will learn..

Why Early Gen-Xers & Late Boomers are Downsizing Early
How to Successfully Downsize with No Regrets
How to Overcome Common Downsizing Challenges





Guest Speaker

Session 1
Financial Considerations & Retirement Advice When Downsizing
July 22, 2021
7:00 PM
Adam McHenry


Using the nest egg, you may have realized from downsizing from a larger family home, effective financial and investment planning can provide the sustainable resources for you to do the things you want, like turning an annual dream vacation into a reality.

Here's what others are saying..

Jennifer & Mark

I have been fortunate enough to attend two of the downsizing done right events led by Keisha Telfer. The wealth of information you gain is invaluable. It has inspired myself and my husband to start our downsizing process a little earlier than we planned. Hearing the tips and advise from not only Keisha, but her guest speakers as well has made us feel confident that there are qualified professionals that we can lean on to help guide us during this next phase of life. I look forward to working more with Keisha in finding our forever home.

Wayne & Brendon

Attending Transitions downsizing webinar has given my partner and I the confidence to embark on our downsizing journey. We have just received our customized transition plan and it makes so much sense. Keisha has taken the time to listen and fully understand our needs. There is no way we could have gotten this far on our own.

Paul & Gail

My wife and I have been considering downsizing but just did not know where to start. We came across an article in The Globe and Mail about a concierge-style service offered by Transitions Realty helping baby boomers downsize. We were curious, but had reservations, as we had a friend who downsized and found the process daunting. But, my wife thought it was worth exploring. We attended the webinar and it provided so much clarity. We believe anyone considering downsizing would benefit from attending this downsizing webinar.

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The Host

Keisha Telfer
Keisha Telfer
Co-Founder, Broker of Record
Transitions Realty Inc.

Keisha is Co-Founder, and Broker of Record at Transitions Realty Inc. After a successful career in event management, and residential construction, Keisha found her home in Real Estate. She decided, with her business partner, to focus on the most underserved demographic in the industry, the 50+ downsizers. To this group, at this stage, it's not simply about the transaction, this is a life transition that requires special focus and broad consideration.
- "How do I sell the family home and declutter a lifetime's worth of possessions? "
-"What's next for me, in this new age?"
-“Should I move into a retirement community or a fully accessible home?”
-“What are my aging parents’ options?”
These are some of the questions she and her team help clients answer before they sell the family home. As you can see, this is not your typical real estate service, which is why it required a whole new brokerage! Keisha is excited to guide you through these and other challenges that you and your family may be facing during this critical transition period.

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